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If you’ve been presented with a treatment plan for implants by a local dental practitioner, it may have crossed your mind to compare it to the cost of dental implants Bali has. And with good reason, because there are plenty of travellers lauding the idea of having implant surgery carried out in exotic locations because dental implants cost in Bali seems so much cheaper. What you have to remind yourself though, is that everything carries some degree of risk and having surgeries in foreign countries is no exception.


What’s the big deal about dental implants?

Well as far as tooth replacement options are concerned dental implants really are a high-performance solution. They allow you to replace your missing teeth at the roots. This is unlike dentures or bridgework, which only replace the tooth above the surface of your gum.


The dental implant is a metal root that is screwed into your jaw and surgically sealed so that it integrates with your natural jaw bone in a process called osseointegration. The biggest advantage of this is the dental implant can withstand the strong forces of biting and chewing that your natural teeth are exposed to. Your dental implant needs to be well implanted.


What About Dental Implants Cost?


Many people flinch when presented with the cost of dental implants because:

1. It is usually presented as one cost although the actual treatment plan consists of a series of procedures and may take up to 18 months to be complete

2. Dental implant surgery takes a degree of skill to perform and needs to be carried out by an experienced practitioner

3. High-quality appliances may last for the rest of your lifetime and their quality is often reflected in the price tag.


What About the Appeal Of Having Your Implants Done In Bali?


Taking all of the above into consideration, namely that you really want and need dental implants, and high-quality ones at that but that they may be expensive, it probably comes as no surprise that many locals are tempted to jet off to exotic island locations like Bali for dental surgeries.


Some claim to be able to enjoy a five-star seaside holiday and treatment in places like Bali, for less than the procedure in Australia.o be a candidate for dental implants is that you have enough jaw bone to support them. In some patients, grafting can be performed to stimulate the jaw into growing more bone tissue. If you do not have enough jaw bone or your dental practitioner has concerns that your jaw is too soft, your dental implant surgery will fail.

How much do dental implants cost in Bali?

Remember that dental implant surgery is a long-term process . After each stage of your treatment is completed you need to wait for an extended period of weeks or months so that you can heal properly before moving onto the next stage.


cheap vs good quality tooth implants

Understanding Dental Implants Surgery

If you are going abroad your options are:

1. To budget in more than one trip to Bali to make provision for follow up visits

2. To have the treatment done abroad but to have your follow up with your local dental practitioner.

Option one may be viable if you have the time for multiple visits but this is going to add to your dental implants cost. If you need a bone graft as part of your dental implant procedure it is very likely you will need to make two trips.

Option two is only viable if your local dental practitioner is willing and the team can communicate with one another. It also only works out if the dental implant brand used for your procedure is easily available for replacement parts.


Now, let’s take a look at some of the risks associated with travelling to Bali for dental implant surgery.


The language barrier

Unless you can speak the local language, you can expect some difficulties in communication. And while technical terminology or jargon may be difficult to translate, having your overall expectations understood and met is a completely different matter – and highly unlikely if you can’t get the basic communication together. Your dental implants cost in Bali might be lower in the short term but more over the long term.


Foreign standards are different from local regulations

When you have your dental implant surgery done locally you have recourse if there is a problem and your rights are protected by organisations like the Australian Dental Association. Your dental practitioners are qualified and registered in Australia but once you go abroad, different standards apply.

Very often the standard of crowns is not quite what patients expect in Australia and many patients are left disappointed with the aesthetics of their final result.


Is it really a holiday when you’re recovering from surgery?

Sure, white sandy beaches and tropical waters are appealing but they’re best enjoyed when you’re feeling your best. You probably won’t be fully relaxed and able to enjoy your five-star getaway particularly if any of the above risks have stressed you out.

A well-planned dental implant procedure should last for the rest of your lifetime if it is carried out by a well-qualified and experienced practitioner and high-quality materials are used. Dental implants are an investment in your future health, not a procedure you should compromise on quality.


To find out more about dental implants cost and why you shouldn’t jet off to Bali, please contact our experienced team: (02) 9158 6753.