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Myobraces in Epping present an opportunity to straighten misaligned teeth without the use of braces. The Myobrace appliance is worn for only an hour or two during the day and while you sleep. Your dentist will also teach you some exercises to practice, to improve your oral habits. The appliance together with the exercises result in successful treatment of misaligned teeth. Myobraces from Epping? clinic are intended for use in children who haven’t their adult teeth emerged yet .

Serenity Smiles Dental is pleased to offer our patients different orthodontic options and will provide professional guidance throughout your treatment process.

What are the benefits?

● Aligns the jaws
● Straightens crooked teeth
● Improves poor oral habits
● Encourages healthy eating

By encouraging children to breath through their noses, swallow correctly and placing their tongue in the correct resting position, Myobraces can achieve the aforementioned benefits. By correcting these actions Myobraces help the jaw to grow to its full capacity. When the jaw is big enough, there is enough room for all the teeth.

myobraces in epping

Who Is Myobraces Suited To?

Myobraces are for young children. The appliance works well on younger children because it interrupts the arrival of the adult teeth and intervenes before it is too late.

Poor oral habits are noted to pre-exist the arrival of the adult teeth and correcting these habits can start when the child is as young as three.

When Do You Wear Myobraces?

Myobraces should be worn daily for one hour, and then overnight while the child is asleep. The activities should be practiced twice a day in conjunction with wearing the appliance. These activities include a series of tongue, swallowing, breathing, cheek and lip exercises.

myobrace in epping

How Does It Work?

Step 1 – Habit Correction
Breathe through your nose instead of your mouth, where to rest your tongue in your mouth correctly, how to swallow and to hold your lips together when you aren’t speaking or eating.
Step 2 – Arch Development
Some arch development is sometimes required, in order to make the upper jaw wider to accommodate all of the teeth.
Step 3 – Dental Alignment
Once all of the adult teeth have emerged, Myobraces will align them into the correct position. It is essential that the program is completed properly: that the exercises are done and the appliance is worn every day and overnight. The system works as a whole, so not following the course properly will interfere with your treatment outcomes. Depending on the outcome of the third step, it may be necessary to complete the treatment with braces.
Step 4 – Retention
The last step focuses on retaining the new habits so some children are required to wear a retainer for a little longer post-treatment.

Holistic Care

Myobraces promotes a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits as part of dental hygiene requirements. Because of the high incidences of tooth decay it is essential that children are properly educated to keep themselves healthy.

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