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Crown And Bridge

crowns and bridges in epping


What Are Crowns?

Crowns are used to create a cap or cover over damaged, worn or fractured teeth. They function as a cover over the tooth, to improve its appearance, alignment or shape.

Crowns and bridges are fixed devices and they can not be removed by anyone other than your dentist. They are bonded to your natural teeth. Serenity Smiles Dental is pleased to offer you assistance with bridges and dental crowns in Epping.

Crowns are also placed on top of dental implants so they have the same function as a tooth and they allow you to bite down with the same pressure as before the tooth was damaged.

dental crown in epping

What Are Crowns Made Out Of?

Crowns can be crafted from porcelain, ceramic, metals and acrylic. Metal and porcelain is often used together to provide strength and get a natural finish.

Serenity Smiles Dental is proud to offer our patients the very latest in dental crown technology and procedures carried out by an experienced team. Our innovative crown technology includes:

Zirconia Crown
A very resilient, biocompatible material commonly used in medical applications. It is a ceramic crown that improves the aesthetics of the tooth, particularly if it has been stained.

E Max Crowns
Top-of-the-line crowns, E Max Crowns are ceramic but very strong. They are translucent to emulate the opacity of your natural teeth, and long lasting.

Our crown work carries a 15-year guarantee if a crown placed is cracked.

When Do You Need A Crown?

Crowns are very useful and may be recommended to you:

● To replace fillings when too much of the tooth has been lost, especially the middle of the tooth. A crown can prevent further damage and tooth fracture.
● To restore cracked or fractured teeth. Crowns are especially useful in managing vertical fractures
● To cover a tooth that has had root canal
● To cover a dental implant
● To support and restore teeth that have been fractured
● To improve the aesthetics or shape of the front teeth without using braces.

dental bridge in epping

What Are Bridges?

Bridges are made up of three or more crowns that are inter-connected.
A dental bridge is used to replace a number of missing teeth, covering the empty space they leave behind. They are adhered to the teeth around the space and can be crafted from a number of different materials. The two teeth adjacent to the space act as anchors for the crown. The adjacent teeth will need to be shaped by your dentist so that the bridge fits between them comfortably.

Because there is a space below the crown, you must take special care when brushing and flossing.

Like crowns, bridges can be made from different materials such as gold and porcelain, or a combination of the two. Serenity Smiles Dental is proud to offer the very latest in technology of dental bridges in Epping to offer natural-looking crown and bridge work.

Why Would You Need A Bridge?

Bridges may be recommended if you are missing multiple teeth in a row or if you are missing a single tooth between two others.

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