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Is there really such a concept as cheap teeth implants? After all, cheap dental implants in the short term are likely to turn into more expensive dental implants over the long term, because of the complications that may arise.

First let’s take a look at the components that make up your dental implant cost.

These variables include:


Professional fees

Your dental implants are an investment in your future health so it’s essential that you work with a seasoned and experienced professional. why is this important? Well firstly you need to know that this professional has everything under control. That he or she can advise you on the best course of treatment for your needs, and help you make informed decisions along the way.

You also need to know that is something does go wrong, for example, in the event of dental implant failure, that you have someone professional to turn to for assistance.

The professional fees are not only for the procedure itself but for post-treatment follow ups, adjustment and check ups. Ultimately it is to have the professional onboard with you throughout your treatment.


The cost of your dental implants

With more than 3 million people wearing dental implants, the market is very open in terms of brands and levels of quality. That means there is something for every budget out there, each offering a different warranty or lifespan.

Weighing up the cost of the implant against its lifespan and performance is something you will need to do with the guidance of your dental practitioner. And of course this is only possible if you have an open relationship and can communicate clearly.

What About The Cheap Teeth Implants Being Promoted In Thailand?

If you have done any Internet research on the cost of dental implants you are likely to have come across adverts for dental implant procedures on offer in exotic locations abroad.

The most common claim is that you can have your dental implant procedure as well as a five star luxury beach holiday in one of these exotic places, for less than it would cost to have dental implant surgery in Australia. That might not be untrue, but it is perhaps quite an oversimplification and is worth looking at.

cheap vs good quality tooth implants

Where Can I Get Cheap Implants?

Firstly it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. Secondly you need to remember that medical and dental standards are not the same overseas as they are locally and the regulatory bodies that protect your rights at home have no power internationally.


Consider the language barrier

Locations like Thailand do offer picturesque surroundings to recover from surgery but English is not necessarily the implantologist’s native language. Having your procedure carried out in a foreign country carries with it a higher degree of risk than having your dental implants done at home.

Even if your procedure goes well, what happens when you return home? How will you manage your post-treatment visits? The dental implant procedure is a long-term process that can take up to a year to finalise. Many foreign dentists do not speak good English so communicating across the miles is very difficult. If you have a foreign brand of implant embedded and your local dental practitioner needs to order replacement parts he may struggle to source them, if at all.

Successful dental implant surgery requires a successful collaboration between the patient and the professional. If the two cannot communicate, or if they are physically apart from one another for any part of the process, it makes it so much more difficult to manage.


The True Value Of Dental Implants

When well planned by a suitably qualified professional, dental implants can last for the rest of your lifetime. In order for this to happen high quality implants that are backed by a manufacturer-warranty are required.

These factors are necessary to avoid dental implant failure and to ensure that a permanent tooth replacement can be provided to the patient. Any compromises that are made can affect the outcome of the procedure and put you at unnecessary risk.

So where does that leave you?
If something’s worth doing, it is worth doing well. Don’t cut corners if it means you are going to compromise on quality.

To find our more about cheap teeth implants and why it’s worth investing in your long term dental health contact our practice: (02) 9158 6753.