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Are you looking for the right dental solution that gives your child, perfectly aligned teeth? Thanks to the advancements in orthodontics, the Myobrace system will improve the smile of your children, without the need of plastic aligners or braces!

While a conventional orthodontic treatment uses dental braces to align your permanent teeth, Myobrace can be best described as a preventive, pre-orthodontic treatment solution. It helps a dentist in Epping in preventing the formation of crooked teeth and similar dental problems in children (and adults, too).

How Does It Work?

The Myobrace treatment for kids is carried out in different phases. It includes the usage of removable oral appliances, alongside performing a few oral exercises. The said appliance is to be used for almost an hour every day and while sleeping as well.

The series of activities recommended by the dentist in Epping will teach children how to properly breathe and swallow. This paves the way for better jaw and facial development, thus giving enough room for the teeth to erupt and grow straight.

3 Benefits of Myobrace:

  • Straight Teeth:

The appliance used will promote better oral habits, thus reducing the chances of crooked teeth or misaligned jaw. Myobrace will exert a slight pressure to instigate the growth of straighter teeth. Throughout the treatment, your kids will perform the oral exercises, and work on their breathing patterns & tongue posture. All of these will collectively contribute to the development of straight teeth.

  • Improved Oral Hygiene:

Since Myobrace is a removable appliance, you won’t have any difficulties in maintaining oral hygiene. Thoroughly brush your teeth twice a day, after removing Myobrace. Once the treatment is complete, brushing and flossing gets so much better with straighter teeth. Additionally, Myobrace is manufactured using soft, medical grade silicone material that helps reduce damage to the teeth.

  • No Braces Required:

One of the things that make Myobrace very appealing to people is that they don’t look like the conventional metal braces. While metal braces cause pain and discomfort to the user, Myobrace will offer patients great convenience throughout the treatment. Plus, it is removable, so you can eat your food and clean your teeth without complications. According to an emergency dentist in Epping, Myobrace will never interfere with your oral health.

Who Benefits the most from Myobrace?

Myobrace is recommended for children aged 3 to 15. The condition of each patient varies, however the treatment is most effective for ages between 6 and 10. Remember that signing up for the treatment during the teens won’t be as effective, since bad oral habits and its effects might have already been developed by then. Myobraces are offered to adults as well.

Get in touch with a dental clinic in Epping that has a great expertise and experience in offering Myobrace for their patients. They will give you more details on how the treatment will be executed for your child, to develop a well aligned, straight teeth.