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A beautiful smile with sparkling white teeth is one of the first things most people notice about us. This is why most people think of whitening our teeth. Our teeth lose some of its whiteness as we age. Stained and discoloured teeth also result from the accumulation of drinks and food we enjoy like tea, coffee, soda, etc. Some of these stains can be polished away by regular flossing and brushing along with professional dental cleaning. However, some stains require professional whitening.

Why do my teeth turn yellow?

Over the years, our teeth lose their natural sheen from multiple factors. They become dull and lose their bright white sparkle. Though food particles and debris are often the reason behind these build-ups, another common reason for yellow teeth lies just beneath the surface.

Under the enamel of our teeth is a layer called dentin. This layer is naturally yellow. As our enamel thins out due to the acids present in the drinks and foods we consume or due to natural aging and day to day wear and tear, our teeth start to appear more yellowish. Genetics is also one major factor in the thickness of your enamel and the yellowness of the dentin layer.

Professional teeth whitening:

There is a treatment option to get your teeth whitened by a dental expert who is qualified to provide this work. Stay clear of other non-qualified professionals and beauty salons. Dentist Epping knows how the procedure works and can guide you through the whole process from start to end in a safe manner. They can also provide you with plenty of information about professional teeth whitening and aftercare and also make sure you are dentally fit before the treatment. Unlike those do-it-yourself kits available in the market, professional whitening is completely safe as long as you make sure to get it done at Epping dental.

As long as you get teeth whitening by dentist Epping who have a good reputation and knows what they are doing, it is an excellent way to enhance your smile. It can also help you gain more confidence in your day to day life. Just keep in mind, your dentist knows better than you, and that is why you have chosen to use their service in the first place. Don’t disregard anything they say about your treatment and carefully follow your post-treatment care instruction for a long-lasting beautiful smile.

Prolonging your teeth whitening treatment:

Any dental procedure is an investment in the attractiveness of your smile and your oral health. If you have had your teeth whitened at Epping dental centre, there are a few things you could do to prolong the lifespan of the procedure.

  • Stay away from foods that can stain or discolour your teeth like vinegar, curries, etc. Not all foods are avoidable, so we recommend you clean your mouth thoroughly after each meal.
  • Avoid drinks that can stain your pearly whites such as coffee, red wine, tea, and anything acidic that can cause staining.