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When it comes to keeping your gums and teeth safe, a routine dental check-up is important. To ensure your oral health, you need to see your dentist Epping periodically, say once every six months, or earlier, as your dentist has mentioned. Many individuals do not like to use a preventive health care strategy and only consult medical professionals when things go wrong.

However, as the food we consume each day leaves our teeth and gums vulnerable to bacteria that grow from the rotting of food trapped in the mouth, this is a risky way of coping with your oral health. It’s important to take a look at the risks involved if you miss routine Epping dental check-ups for some specific reason. You could skip one check-up and find yourself spending more money for a correction procedure later on.

Gum Disease Identification

The gums are very sensitive, and they can be affected significantly by plaque and tartar accumulation. This not only contributes to tooth decay, but it may also cause an infection. Then the tissue that holds the teeth in place will be damaged, this septicity is also called gingivitis and gets worse.

Gingivitis is a mild type of gum disease and you will feel swelling, bleeding and soreness in your mouth as it gets worse. Not only does this infection harm the gums, it breaks down the bones that keep the teeth in place. This can lead to teeth loosening and some teeth could even begin to fall out.

When gum disease gets to this stage, to cure the problem, a dentist Epping may have to take drastic action. Since it is caused by the accumulation of food particles in the mouth, gum disease can affect anyone, and no one is completely exempt from it. Going for check-ups at a dentist will help you recognise this disease when it is still in its early stages. Exercising appropriate oral hygiene and keeping the teeth and gums clean is the best way to avoid gingivitis and gum disease.

Tracking Bad Habits

For our oral health, some habits are poor. The funny thing is that we do not know the effect on our wellbeing that these practises have. Crushing ice, chewing nails and grinding teeth, eating candy and smoking, among others are examples. Most of these things are activities that we take part in on a regular basis, and without going for a check-up at Epping dental centre, you won’t know whether they affect your oral health. When you go for a check-up, a dentist will check for any harm to your teeth and warn you on what to do and what habits to stop. It’s nice to be told that you may have been unaware of any of these destructive habits so that you can tweak your lifestyle and prevent further damaging your teeth.